ONE DJ ONE NIGHT -vol.4 DJ Masaki Tamura Archive

ONE DJ ONE NIGHT -vol.4 DJ Masaki Tamura ( DoitJAZZ ) –
のアーカイブをUPしました。リアルタイムに聞いてくれた方に配慮して、前半部分Beatdown / Disco / Brokenbeat / Crossover、BPM90 – 130くらいのみ。よろしければどうぞお聞きくださいませ。

Streamed from home on 18th Apr.,The archive of ONE DJ ONE NIGHT has been uploaded.The first half of the tune is Beatdown / Disco / Brokenbeat / Crossover, about BPM90 – 130.If you’d like to listen, please.

// 配信報告 //


// 配信報告 //


今回、まわりの仲間たち、 Kyoto Metro さんやメトロファンの皆様が多く拡散して頂き、ありがとうございます



I stayed up all night after the declaration of the state of emergency was released to the whole country, and it was the first time I broadcasted it from home.
Thank you to my friends, Kyoto Metro and Metro fans for spreading the word this time!For now, I want to try various things as much as I can.see you later👐

TSUBAKI FM Weekly show 5th April Masaki Tamura



先週自宅から放送したTSUBAKI fmのアーカイブがUPされました。家でゆっくり出来る選曲になってますので、是非チェックしてみて下さいませ。

The archive of TSUBAKI fm, which was broadcasted from my home last week, has been uploaded. You can take your time at home with this selection, so please check it out.

// soundcloud //…/weekly-show-5th-april-masaki-tamura