Kyoto Experience


In 2006, he starts his activities at Collage.
Since 2014, he has been holding his concerts at Club Metro, a long-standing club in Kyoto.
Selecting his tunes while regarding previous high-quality tunes called “rare groove” and pieces centering on the latest crossover music all on the same coaxial lines,
he has been disseminating refined music and atmosphere.
Inviting prominent disc jockeys and live and bebop dancers from throughout the country and collaborating with international photo exhibitions, he has kept expanding his range of activities.


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DoitJAZZ! Streaming!

Covid-19の影響で日程延期となっていた京都METROの企画”ONE DJ ONE NIGHT””ですが、京都METROの無観客配信企画”METRO Streaming”にて配信を予定しておりましたが、4月17日に発表された「緊急事態宣言」全国に拡大の表明を受け中止せざるを得ない状況となりましたが、急遽DoitJAZZ!のサイトにて自宅から配信する事に致しました。この状況での音楽の楽しみ方の一つになれればと思いますので、是非よろしくお願いいたします。

Due to Covid-19, Kyoto METRO’s “ONE DJ ONE NIGHT” had been postponed, but was scheduled to be streamed at Kyoto METRO’s “METRO Streaming”, a non-candidate event. However, due to the “state of emergency” announced on April 17, the event had to be cancelled, and we’ve decided to stream it from our home on the DoitJAZZ! I hope this will be one of the ways to enjoy music in this situation, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Let's Go!