Star White Party- vol.2 in Ho Chi Minh City

伝統と現代、日本と世界をつなぐ”文化の交差点/Cross Culture” パーティイベント「星白の宴」。京都府与謝野町で開催した第1回に続き、今回は日本を飛び出してベトナム・ホーチミンで行います。


▷Date:January 13, 2024 (SAT) OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
– Special Dinner Course: 3000k VND+VAT
– SAKE Pairing: 1000k VND+VAT
– Non-alcoholic Pairing: 700k VND+VAT
18:00 Reception (Welcome Drink, DJ, Magic Show etc..)
19:00 Start of Party (Greeting)
19:30 Start of Dinner
22:00 End of Party
▷Venue:Fume – Japanese Modern Cuisine
▷Dress Code:All-White Outfits
The “Cross Culture” party event, connecting tradition and modernity, Japan and the world, known as the “Seihaku no Utage” (Star White Party), continues from its first edition held in Yosano Town, Kyoto Prefecture, and this time, it will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
In recent years, Ho Chi Minh City has rapidly developed into a vibrant international metropolis. Serving as the economic hub of Vietnam, it boasts a historical townscape with exotic charm, truly embodying our concept of “culture crossing.” Against this backdrop, we propose an exquisite moment where food, music, and entertainment converge.
Under the theme of rediscovering the charm of local land and culture, this one-night-only event will feature a special menu created through collaboration between chefs from Japan, Singapore and Vietnam,the host country. Guests will have the opportunity to savor this unique culinary experience at “FUME,” a top-notch local restaurant renowned for its creative Japanese cuisine.
The dress code for the event is “white.”
Please come dressed entirely in white.