2023.05.05 Fri LOUNGE MUSIC at. Nohga Hotel Kiyomizu


2023.05.05 Fri open 19:00 close 22:00

at. Nohga Hotel Kiyomizu
Entrance Free

Guest Live:
Mark de Clive-Lowe (mashibeats)

YukariBB (Jazzy Sport Kyoto / KJCC) / Masaki Tamura (DoitJAZZ! / KJCC)


Mark de Clive-Lowe (mashibeats)

Musical maverick Mark de Clive-Lowe seems an impossibility at first sight – juggling beats, synths, live remixing all on-the-fly, brought to life with a casual ease that’s mind-boggling. In his formative London years, the half-Japanese New Zealander helped evolve broken beat, establishing himself as an undeniable voice in progressive electronic music. He’s collaborated with a Who’s Who of soulful club music including Phil Asher, Kenny Dope, Ge-Ology, DJ Spinna, AtJazz, Joe Clausell, and many more.

Since 2008, MdCL has called Los Angeles home where his acclaimed club night CHURCH has taken his brand of technology and beat-infused jazz mash-up from coast to coast and around the globe. Equal parts house head, jazz musician and live production wizard, MdCL’s sets are a treat for the dancers, the progressives and the purists alike – as he creates everything we experience by hand from scratch – beat by beat, record by record. Whether he’s bumping creations for the dancefloor, remixing classic Blue Note Records on the fly, on stage joined by the likes of Kamasi Washington or Omar, or creating solo at a grand piano with a drum machine, MdCL is “a musical force unlike any other”


日本とニュージーランドにルーツを持つミュージシャン/プロデューサーのMark De Clive-Lowe(マーク・ド・クライヴ・ロウ)は、ロンドン時代ブロークンビートの発展に貢献し、Phil Asher、Kenny Dope、Ge-Ology、DJ Spinna、AtJazz、Joe Clausellらとコラボレーションを行い、ソウルフルなクラブミュージック界においてかかせない人物としての地位を確立した。





Nohga Hotel Kyoto Kiyomizu

Our concept is to introduce guests to “MEET HOT KYOTO”. We strive to deliver experiences showcasing more of dynamic and edgy side of the city. NOHGA HOTEL KIYOMIZU KYOTO is decorated with artworks and craftworks made by creators from and based in Kyoto. Our music, art, space design, and products are scattered around the property to guide you to a diverse culture of Kyoto.
Meet the hot Kyoto for a dramatic encounter and fascinating experiences that we, NOHGA HOTEL, have to offer.

「MEET HOT KYOTO.」をコンセプトに掲げる、私たち、NOHGA HOTEL KIYOMIZU KYOTO。そんな当ホテルが、皆様にご提案したいのは、“ホット”な京都体験、そして、豊かな時間です。施設内を彩るのは、京都に縁のあるアーティストが手がけた作品ばかり。音楽、アート、空間デザイン、コラボレーションプロダクト…、そのすべてが、多種多様な京都文化を知る“きっかけ”となっています。施設内で京都に出会う。そして、もっと京都という街を知りたくなる。そんなクリエイティブでドラマチックな出逢いをご用意しました。