2023.01.14 Sat DoitJAZZ! – New Year Local Session – at. Metro

DoitJAZZ! – New Year Local Session –
music style : Jazz / Crossover / Latin / Afro

2023.01.14 Sat
at. METRO 17:00 Start
Door : ¥1,500 + 1D

DoitJAZZ! DJ’s & Jazz Dancer’s

Food :

For the first event of the new year, which will mark its 17th year, DJ’s who select mainly Vintage records and Dancer’s who have a close relationship with DJ’s will gather at Kyoto Metro in order to return to the original intention and carry on the culture of “Dancing with Jazz”. Please enjoy this jazz event, one of the few of its kind in Japan.




京都市左京区川端丸太町下ル下堤町82 恵美須ビル B1F

WEB : https://www.metro.ne.jp/

instagram : https://www.instagram.com/metro_kyoto/?hl=ja